• Satellite Communication

In today’s world, the use of Satellite Communication is widespread. Media broadcasting, Voice Communication, Internet, Aviation, Disaster Managemment, Defence Communication are applications where satellite communication is used in our day to day lives. In fact, it  serves as the only means of communication for remote regions which are disconnected from commercial cable or fibre optic networks such as islands, deserts and the high seas. It also acts as a reduandant data backhaul measure when commercial land based networks fail.  

With latest developments in technologies, information exchange through satellite has now become more affordable and dependable. Modern satellites are now equipped to provide large bandwidth that are necessary to support today’s IP-based communication requirements. SIGNALIUM does not only provide commercial satellite solutions but also military grade tactical VSAT Active-Active failover network to meet present day’s military communication requirements.

SIGNALIUM offers various Satellite Communication solutions, including,