• Tactical Communications


Tactical communications are planned communications by military, law enforcement and border security agencies in which information of any kind, especially critical instructions and military intelligence are conveyed from one military user to another. In a constantly evolving geo-political scenarios, demand for eficiant tactical communication are greater than ever. Leaders of defence forces and law enforcement agencies want relevant, actionable information on demand for efficient decision making and in times of crisis. 

One of our main focus is Tactical radio communication, which remains at the core of defence communication systems. Signalium works with reputed Tactical Radio equipment manufacturers of analog and Software Defined Radios to provide functional systems that work when they are most needed.

SIGNALIUM are offering comprehensive end to end tactical communication solution with cutting edge technology. We are offering, 

  • HF tactical radio solution
  • VHF tactical radio solution
  • Rapid Field deployment solution
  • HF-VHF cross gate solution
  • Tactical Software Defined Radio solution
  • HF tactical Manpack solution
  • HF tactical mobile package solution
  • HF tactical base package solution
  • HF tactical data system
  • HF Manpack transceiver
  • Email, Fax & Data system
  • HF telephone interconnects and phone patch
  • Vehicle tracking system, HF Map and Track.
  • High power HF transmitter
  • Turnkey HF remote system
  • Broad band base station
  • Signal and communication Interception, Jamming and location finder.
  • Tactical UAV/UGV for monitoring, surveying, detection, search and rescue.